.OASIS, Outdoor Action for Social and Intrapersonal Strength, is a non-profit retreat program that serves at-risk youth in North Carolina. Led by a collaboration of undergraduate students from Elon University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the crux of OASIS is thrilling, action-based activities designed to lead youth out of their comfort zones in a fun and thrilling way.  Through these activities, OASIS intends to elicit courage and confidence from the students, showing them that they can successfully complete something that is new and may seem challenging.  OASIS also uses small group discussions, journal writing, large group talks, and team-building events to elucidate the values practiced in the main activities and to connect those values to challenges faced both at home and in school.

OASIS functions as a series of weekend retreats and aims to form a social support system that will always remain in tact, to which students can return to reap the benefit of all that grows there. Just as the word suggests, OASIS is a refreshing and safe place for everyone involved.


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