Our Mission

The hope of OASIS is not to transform the character of each student in a weekend.  Rather, the hope is that the nextteamwork time a participant is faced with a challenge at home or in school, he will walk towards it instead of away from it.  The hope is that students will begin to understand that they have the ability to try new things and to emerge successfully from them. Our mission is to develop meaningful, long-term relationships between youth and nearby college students.  In the meantime, we hope to augment the participants’ academic development by providing them meaningful contexts in which to practice skills, such as writing, and indulge in academic interests. Ultimately, a series of retreats will have a multiplier effect for the participants, combining to make a dent in developing several aspects of character crucial to their individual successes.  In addition, the novelty of the activities chosen will provide a sense of pride and excitement.  Students will have exciting experiences to share with friends and families when they return home.writing.


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