OASIS’s second retreat, Dual, occured on April 3-4, 2009!

On Friday, the boys from the Durham Nativity School (DNS) participated in pre-retreat activities at DNS like they did before the first retreat. OASIS took on a pirate theme this time, and the boys created team flags that were proudly displayed during the retreat on Saturday!

On Saturday,  we headed to a state park in Wake Forest, NC to tackle a two-part geocashing scavenger hunt! The first stage of the hunt was on land and the boys took to the woods with their geocashing equipment. The second part of the hunt was in canoes! The boys paddled their away from one end of the reservoir to another, criss-crossing several times, to find their treasure! In addition, there were lots of group competitions and games for the three teams to prove which team was the greatest crew at sea!


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